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100 Blocks Blog Tour

So thrilled to be part of the 100 Blocks Blog Tour. I have my friend Suzy to thank. If not for her I would never have been part of the Scrap Squad. Which means I never would have met the wonderful people at Quiltmaker and had the wonderful opportunity to create a block for 100 blocks. If your here for the first time welcome! I hope you take time to look around.

I’ve always wanted to make a broken dishes quilt. I have one my mom gave me when she moved down south and was getting rid of things so she wouldn’t have to move them. It was partially quilted, as I’m the only one of my sisters who quilts it came to my house. I didn’t ever finish quilting it.  It had a big fluffy batting from the 70’s and I didn’t want to miss with it. so I just tied what was left, naughty I know.  To redeem my sinful ways I thought I should make a broken dishes quilt and do it right this time.  I came up with this variation of the pattern for 100 blocks.

Playing with the block in EQ I came up with several ways to arrange the block. Here is an Amish look with solids. The blocks are just set in rows without sashing.  I like the alternate pattern it creates as the four broken dishes come together to create another star.

 Adding sashing with corner posts in modern Zen Chic fabrics you get this.

 Creating a sashing similar to the center of the block just reversing where the background and prints go and adding corner posts that are in prints  you get this design in 30’s

So many options, It’s going to be fun redeeming my past sins. Hope you enjoy the rest of the rest of the 100 Blocks Blog Tour. There are some pretty great blocks in there by some very talented people. I know my bucket list has grown since looking at my issue.

You can get your own here. Or if you are feeling lucky leave a comment and win one. Good luck!


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