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A few years back I took a class from Kaye England. You were to bring 45 2 1/2″ strips of fabric and 45- 5″ squares of various fabrics. Hence the name 45 special. I was excited for this scrappy class. As you well may know I love scrappy quilts. I loved the class! The rulers that she taught us to use; the Nifty Notions 1/2 square and 1/4 square triangle rulers are my favorites. I use them every time I’m making triangles. I finished all the blocks shortly after the class was done and they have been sitting in a pizza box until this weekend when I pulled them out and started arranging them. Here they are…I’m hoping to finish putting them together today and figure out borders. Anyone have any ideas?


  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Em, from the photo I see a thin red border for the first …. and the outer border maybe 6 1/2 inch border made in 1 1/2 inch strips……that would give it a scrappy look ………regards lyn

  • loulee says:

    How about a border made up from 45 scraps of fabric? Just going with the theme here……

  • Terri says:

    I am no help – I just wanted to say that I think the blocks are lovely!

  • Trisha says:

    Love all those scrappy blocks!

  • A Spoonful Of Sugar says:

    Those blocks are too good to hide away! Can't wait to see it finished.

  • Lurline says:

    This will be one great finish – love it!
    Hugs – Lurline♥

  • Shari says:

    This looks so interesting – it makes you want to look closer! Have fun with it!

  • Karen says:

    What a variety of blocks you made from those 45 fabrics! You have so many triangles going on in these blocks, how about a half square triangle border?

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow so many types of block from those 2 shapes. Well done. Sorry no ideas.

  • Jackie's Stitches says:

    I think you need a solid inner border followed by a border using some of your scraps. I like Karen's idea of a half square triangle border.

    Do you store all your WIPs in pizza boxes?

  • Unknown says:

    I like the other Jackie's idea of a small solid inner border then another border. However, I think you may need to keep the outer border more simple so it is less busy. Great quilt! I just love taking classes.

  • Unknown says:

    Such a fun class! Love how it's coming together 🙂 Looks like you will have a finish soon enough!

  • StitchinByTheLake says:

    I like bluebird-lyn's idea of a narrow red border but I'd put a solid wider outer border and then scrappy prarie points on the solid border. Great top no matter what you decide! blessings, marlene

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