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A Friendly Twist Finished

Last week my family spent a wonderful time at the beach.  We visited Grandma and Grandpa Bailey and enjoyed time with cousins.  We got back late Friday.  So Saturday with a weeks worth of laundry to get done, I loaded the washer and sat down to finish up the quilting on Friendly Twist.

I did swirls and leaves in the stars.

Loop-de-loops in the flying geese.

And a flower thingy in the pinwheels.  It showed up on the back better so that’s what I’m sharing with you.  The back and binding have special meaning in that they are from a friend’s mother’s sewing room.  She doesn’t sew and gave me all kinds of treasures when her mother passed away.  She said she didn’t know what to do with them but knew I would.  So I thought it was the perfect fit for my Friendly Twist Quilt.

So pleased with this memory filled quilt.  Can’t wait to hang it on the wall.


  • Pokey says:

    I really like the combinations of pinwheels, stars and geese you put together here, not to mention the fun fabrics and colors! Beautiful! Could you share measurements on the various blocks?
    Your quilt lines are very neat, too~

  • Karen says:

    I like those quilted spirals!

  • Needled Mom says:

    I'll bet you missed the sewing while you were gone. The quilt looks wonderful and your quilting is fabulous. Great job.

  • cspoonquilt says:

    Great scrappy quilt! And I like the spirals and loops. I'm a big believer in not crossing seams when quilting unless you are doing an all over patchwork pattern. A nice story about the backing and binding too. I have inherited fabric like that. It's nice to help and recieve at the same time! cheers, Claire W.

  • Abby and Stephanie says:

    That quilt says "happy" all over the place. It's very vivid and fun.

  • hetty says:

    My kind of quilt – scrappy and colourful! Love the spiral quilting and the backing story.

  • Allie says:

    That is just too gorgeous!

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