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A Gift From A Friend

When I Gave the Plan B quilt over to my friend she was so thankful she wanted to do something for me.  I told her it was not necessary.  I had made the quilt because I love her and wanted to do something for her.  I knew she was going through a lot and needed a pick me up.  And when I think of pick me ups I think of cheerful quilts.  So I made her a quilt.  

I thought she would snuggle in it.  But she has chose to display it on her wall where this quilt use to live.

She told me it had ties to the problems she was facing and she didn’t want it anymore.  Did I want it?  Yes I did!  But I needed to make sure she really did not want it.  I found it hard to believe that someone could not love this antique quilt.  After some convincing and an explanation of where it had come from I decided it held no bad memories for me.  Only memories of my friend so I took it. Now we both have quilts with only happy memories.


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