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A Little Creative Process

I’m enjoying my clean creative space.  It was so nice to pull out my scraps and bits to continue working on my vine quilt.  You may have noticed that yesterday as I showed my design wall I had added a sun to go with my crow and words.  I have more applique in mind.  Wish I were a better artist when it comes to drawing that would make my applique plans so much easier.  Yesterday I decided to add a pieced border in between my vines and my words.  I used these bits I made the other day.

I think it really sets things off.  I need to make a little more low volume background.  As you can see a few of my corners are missing.  Then the rest of the applique and maybe another scrappy border.  I still have a bunch of bits. I’m going to have to take a brake though I have several quilty hugs I need to quilt.  My friend who was helping me is not going to be able to any more.  Kinda bummed about that but I understand.  Not so secretly hoping that someone else comes along who is willing to help or that I win a lottery so I can buy a computerized long arm that quilts them while I sew.  A girl can dream, right?

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  • Karen says:

    I like how your quit has a modern look but yet very cottage style with the mixed little light prints for the background.

  • Loris says:

    Your quilt is looking so good! Love it!
    Well, hope you get that longarm 🙂 it takes up a lot of room but sure speeds up the finish process! I'm working on another 'hug' for you now….slowly, as a leader/ender project. It will be awhile 😉

  • Needled Mom says:

    I really like the pieced border. It does set it off nicely. Of anyone I know, you deserve a longarm with all of the quilting you do.

  • Mrs. Goodneedle says:

    The low volume border/background is wonderful, I love that! Best wishes for help with the quilting… maybe there is a longarm in your not too distant future?

  • Quiltdivajulie says:

    Really, really like where this is going … Even though applique is rarely an option for me (arthritis issues).

  • Kaja says:

    I like this a lot. The pieced border is an excellent idea.

  • Unknown says:

    Oh I love your borders!! Really beautiful. Hugs Mary

  • Unknown says:

    Oh I love your borders!! Really beautiful. Hugs Mary

  • Unknown says:

    Oh I love your borders!! Really beautiful. Hugs Mary

  • Connie says:

    I love this quilt that you are working on . . . it is going to be a show stopper. You are inspiring me to do better and get more creative with my stitchery 🙂

  • Ruth says:

    I love how this is coming along! The sun is perfect! Maybe you could put a turtle or frog on the bottom.

  • Rose Marie says:

    Wow, this is amazing! I just finished a petal center and was wondering what to do for borders. What I had in mind is totally boring compared to what you are doing.

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