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A Little Dresden Progress

The last project I was able to work on at my retreat was my Dresden project.  I finished all my larger Dresdens.  Because it is hard for me to assemble a quilt without my design wall and I wanted to try a few different sashing ideas I waited until I was home to work on it some more.

I played with a green and blue combination for the sashing but soon decided it wasn’t working.  So I continued with the scrappy blue theme.  I think I will continue it in a small border with more of the mini Dresdens.  I’ve got them cut out.  Just need to sew them up.  But first I need to finish quilting another project.  If I’m lucky I’ll find time to do both.  But it’s spring and the yard is calling so I’ll have to be really lucky. What fun things are you working on this fine Monday?


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