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A Little Sunshine on This Gray Day

 The days here have been cold and gray.  Grayer that usual because of an inversion we are experiencing that makes the valley I live in like living in a cloud. If you get high into the mountains you get sunshine. Which I use to do before my knee surgeries by hitting the ski slopes.  After all Utah does have the best snow on Earth. Now I head down to the basement to sew. My labors rewarded me this week with this ray of sunshine.

Spike couldn’t quite figure out all that color after so much gray. 

Can’t decide if this will be a quilty hug or a gift for my niece, Mary who will be turning 8 next month and will be getting baptized. I know either way it will be loved. Linking up with Sarah, Cynthia, KellyAmanda Jean, Leanne and Fort Worth Fabric.


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