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A Quilt Shop For Valentines

There’s a new quilt shop, Quilter’s Attic, opening in my neighborhood.  How cool is that?  It’s opening today, Valentines Day.  How sweet is that?  I got a sneak peek because my friend Gayle is one of the owners.  They were still setting up but I was able to get a few fun pics.  Bright happy fabrics shelved and ready to buy.

Love the old Singer and create of fabric

I need to be stopping here and stocking up on my black stash.

So many fun antiques to showcase the pretty 30’s fabrics.

A wagon load of cheerful prints.

And a cradle filled with these sweet babies.

If your in Bountiful, Utah make sure you check out Quilter’s Attic.  I know I will be spending a lot of time here.  


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