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A Star Spangled Finish

Lots of scrappy maverick stars quilted with a simple stipple and bond with a red check and my Star Spangled quilt is finished.

It made a little dent in my red, white and blue scraps.  I had left over binding from another project and it was almost enough to go all the way around.  I found another red check to finish the lower right had corner.  The check is smaller but I think it adds a nice touch to this scrappy quilt.  I’m thinking it will be the perfect gift for a child so I’m adding it to the Happy Chemo pile.  

Watch the quiltometer rise!

I’m linking up with quilts are for giving.  Check out the other wonderful quilts.  Learn about worthy cause to donate your extra quilts to.  And if you would like to make your own Star Spangled quilt you can find the free pattern here.


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