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Another Man Quilt

In my stacks and stacks of quilts, man quilts seems to be lacking. Which is somewhat sad considering the majority of my household is male.  So when I saw the new line Nocturne by Janet Clare for Moda I set about to rectify that, at least a little.  Last week I shared my Crystallized from the same line. This one is Union, a play on Civil War blue and grey.

 I quilted geometric squares and radiating suns.

 It has that cozy crinkly feel that cotton batting creates when washed.  Thanks in part to my dog, Spike, who decided to walk on it while I was doing this photo shoot with his muddy paws.  Naughty, naughty Spike.  

Pattern is available on my website in case a man in your life needs another man quilt.  Linking up with Sarah to whoop whoop about this finish.


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