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Recently at my quilt guild meeting we had an exchange of autumnal fabrics. Prior to the exchange we had a discussion on what autumnal colors were. Several of the ladies in my guild are from the North east and feel reds, golds, oranges and browns are. Those of us who have lived with the Wasatch Front in our backyard like to include a few blues and purples from the mountains. In the end the blues and purples were included. 

Whatever your preference autumn is a beautiful time of year. For a girl that loves color I love to go hiking in the mountains see all the autumnal glory. The cool, crisp air and beauty are breath taking. In honor of this wonderful time of year I created an autumn woods soap. It is scented with a blend of juniper, cedar wood, eucalyptus, rosemary, and spearmint essential oils to give it a crisp natural smell. Let me tell you it smells heavenly.

So whether you are walking through maple grove forests or aspen and pine covered mountains, whether you find blues and purples in your autumnal fabric stash I’m sure we can all agree that autumn is a wonderful season. 


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