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Back to School

It’s that wonderful time of year.  The nights cool down, the mornings are crisp, and store shelves are full of yellow pencils, glue sticks, crayons, and notebooks.  Time to stock up not only for school but your sewing room.  Composition books are great for sketching up designs, office supply store often have one that have graph paper instead of lined.  How cool is that?  Colored pencils are a must have when coloring in designs in said sketch books. Elmer’s school glue and glue sticks are great for basting.  So while you are stocking up for the kids don’t forget a few items for yourself.

I’ve hung my back to school quilt up.  A not so subtle reminder to my kids work hard and do their best. 

 Anna starts school Monday and the boys on Wednesday.  Along with all the store bought supplies we made a zipper pouch to hold a lot of them in.

My one finish for the week, small but a finish none the less.  I’m hoping once they are all back in school the  house will quiet down and I’ll have more time to use my new supplies in the sewing room.


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