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Baking is in my Blood

By November 18, 2008March 31st, 2020Blog

This is my family’s bakery. My Grandpa DeRyke started it in 1937. My Uncle David now runs it. I have many found memories of this wonderful place. When I was a baby my mom would put me in a huge mixing bowl while she decorated cakes. When I was a toddler I would take naps in the office on the couch that was in there. I remember trick or treating here with my brother. Grandpa gave us great treats, whether it was Halloween or not. All of our family gatherings have goodies from the bakery. I love the bakery especially this time of year. This is the time when our Dutch heritage comes through with the baking. There is Dutch Confect, and Speculaas (pictured below.) For those of you who have not had this delectable cookie, it is a spice cookie to die for. They are made by pressing the dough into wooden molds that have been sprinkled with sugar and almonds. They are often in the shape of windmills. The ones in the picture are of little Dutch men and women. Also at the bakery at Christmas time are butter letter. This is a pastry filled with almond paste. Oh soooo good. Grandpa and Uncle David make them in the letter ‘M’. They say it is because the letter M looks the biggest when done. But I know it is because I’m their favorite. (hee, hee)


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