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 Because I got the Ott Light at our last quilt guild meeting.  (Which in our group means I ‘Ott to finish something.’  And because of the recent find of lost relatives with the help of my quilt with special powers.  I decided to work on my Love Ida quilt, a tribute to my Great Grandma Ida.  I have her original quilt that you can read about here.  I’m doing mine in modern colors.

I was going to make mine smaller than my great grandma’s but have changed my mind.  It’s a girl’s prerogative after all.  Now I’m going bigger.  I’ve cut out all the applique pieces and now I need to get busy sewing.  I’m still working on my garden and I’ve got my next scrap squad assignment.  (More on that later.)  

So in between all that I’ll find me bits of time and work on Love Ida.


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