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Last week I had a great time with the ladies in my guild playing in our scraps.  I had been asked to teach My Scrappy Bear Paw. I once heard that there was no such thing as an ugly fabric.  That if you felt it was ugly you just had not cut it small enough yet. This quilt found in the Jan/Feb. issue of Quiltmaker is  a great way to use up these kinds of fabric. Those little bear paws us 1 1/2″ squares and hsts that finish at 1″.  

Diane’s quilt

 I had asked the ladies to have there fabric cut and hsts done. I wanted to make sure they would get a lot done in class.  Those the got this bit of prep work done were able to get most of there blocks done and a few sections of the quilt.

Vivian’s quilt

I find you always get a few overachievers in your classes.  This was no exception.  Diane came with all her blocks made.  Vivian, who had recently had surgery came with a complete top. Her excuse, was she couldn’t do anything else.  Suzy got her blocks done in class and had started assembling them when the class ended.  She sent me this picture later that night.

Suzy’s quilt

I’m looking forward to seeing the other quilts as they are completed.  The advantage to teaching a class in your own guild, eventually those quilts get completed and brought to show and tell. Oh, I love a scrappy quilt.


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