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Beware Goldilocks Scrappy Bears and Giveaway

You may remember these scrappy stars I did a tutorial for a while back.  They were leftovers from this quilt, that I have had to keep a secret until now.  

But with the newest addition of Quiltmaker my secret is out.

I started this quilt after a little basket that I was keeping my darker more comfy colors in got full.  I started by cutting them into usable pieces of 1,2,and 3″ strips.  Using my Nifty Notions half square ruler (tutorial here) I cut them into squares and triangles.  Next I picked a neutral background and got busy making bear claws in Papa, Mama and baby sizes. 

I had just finished up my year as a member of Quiltmaker’s Scrap Squad and had an in with the editor so thought I would share it with her.  I was thrilled when she said they wanted it for their magazine.

To celebrate I’m linking up with Sarah and Crazy Mom.

In addition I’m offering one lucky winner a copy of the newest issue of Quiltmaker, complete with instructions to make your own scrappy bear.  I will pick a winner the Monday after Thanksgiving.  To enter leave a comment telling me your favorite block to make scrappy.


  • Amy says:

    What a fun quilt pattern. I can see it in yellows and blues, and name it "Goldilocks." My favorite scrappy block to make is the humble nine patch.

  • LynneP says:

    There are so many wonderful blocks that can be made scrappy that I don't really have a fav. Lately, I've been making monochromatic, improv slabs that can be cut up any way I choose.
    Thanks for the chance to win. jlpfeffer[at]gmail.com

  • Diane says:

    What a great quilt, congratulations!!! I prefer every block to be scrappy so I would have trouble narrowing it down to one LOL.
    I subscribe to that mag, so let someone else win it. I just had to admire your quilt!

  • Ruth says:

    I love it! I love to make scrappy sawtooth stars and I have sold some table runners made with them from my Easy shop. I could make a ton of them with all the scraps I have. I try to use them up, but they keep multiplying.

  • Dawn says:

    I love to make scrappy string blocks. Such a good way to use up fabric. I love your bear paws!

  • Dorothy says:

    I love your bear paws! I am relatively new to quilting, so still just trying to figure out what I'm doing. I have been sticking with established patterns and colors so haven't yet tried the scrappy look. BUT, I love to see what others do, and I know pretty soon I am going to have to give it a try. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Helen in the UK says:

    Congrats on having your quilt featured in the magazine! I guess my favourite scrappy block would be log cabin, although I could easily be converted to bear paw if I was the lucky winner 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Congrats! It is beautiful! Must have been tough to keep this a secret!

  • amy says:

    I'm still a beginner so I don't have a favorite block yet! Your quilt is lovely. I have trouble making things "scrappy" but I'm learning!

  • Tired Teacher says:

    What a beautiful scrappy quilt!

  • Charlene S says:

    Beautiful quilt! I love making Bonnie Hunter's "Wild & Goosey" with scraps.

  • Rebecca says:

    My favorite use of scraps is to piece bits and pieces to a fabric foundation and then treat it as a whole piece of a printed fabric…cutting to use in HST or any type of block

  • Needled Mom says:

    Congratulations, Em!! That is awesome. I can't wait to see it when my magazine arrives. It is beautiful scrappiness!

  • Quilts and Such says:

    Congratulations! This is a beautiful quilt and a great pattern!

  • Cynthia Brunz Designs says:

    Congratulations! I love how you changed up the scale of the block. Great scrap quilt!

  • Lara B. says:

    Mama, Papa, and Baby Bear claws – this is so great Em! Congratulations on being published again! I would usually say that Log Cabins are a favorite scrappy block, but now I'm thinking… Bear Claws!

  • Sarah Craig says:

    Congratulations, Emily! It's a wonderful quilt, and one that is going on my (very long) bucket list! My favorite scrappy block is the Good Night Irene block – great for using up 2" squares!!

  • Kat says:

    congratulations! This is an awesome scrap quilt! Love what you did with such a traditional block! Half square triangles are my favorite scrappy unit.

  • Ariane says:

    Congratulations!! It's a beautiful scrappy quilt. love it!!!!

  • Sarah says:

    Your quilt is fantastic! I would love to win instructions for making it. 🙂 sarah@forrussia.org

  • Loris says:

    How cool for another publish 🙂 I have a bear claw quilt in my future and these blocks look perfect for it! I'm subscribed to Quiltmaker so will look forward to the issue you are in.

  • barbara woods says:

    i love stars , and make a whole lot of them!

  • ~Niki~ says:

    Love that quilt! Scrappy IMO is the best. The only way to go. With my scraps I love to make string quilts. I also love to make Chinese Coin quilts. That is actually my fav pattern-the Chinese coin.

  • Carie @ Space for the Butterflies says:

    Congratulations it's a gorgeous quilt and so exciting to see it in print! I like scrappy stars for my favourite:)

  • Karen says:

    Beautiful quilt. I like scrappy nine patch blocks and good night Irene.

  • Lynn says:

    Isn't it exciting to see your name and pattern in print! You have so many terrific patterns, it's well deserved. I like making scrappy wonky stars!

  • Vicki H says:

    Congrats!! I like scrappy disappearing 9 patch.

  • Joye with an e says:

    I like your quilt–so scrappy and colorful. I like scrappy four and nine patch blocks.

  • Gill says:

    I like scrappy log cabins

  • Cathy says:

    Congrats! What a great idea to use different sizes of one block in a quilt. My fav scrappy block is Depression block.

  • Linda @ kokaquilts says:

    Congratulations! A lovely colourful quilt, all those scrappy different size Bear Paws are really effective! … and my favourite for scrappy goodness at present is 9 patch.

  • Lorna McMahon says:

    Oh Emily! I just got my issue of Quiltmaker in the mail today and had to stop by and say hello! Your scrappy bear paw certainly caught my eye. And I wanted to let you know how much I admire this colourful quilt! Glad to be in such fine company!

  • Purple Pam says:

    I subscribe to Quiltmaker magazine so no need to enter me into your contest but I did want to tell you my favorite block right now is the churn dash block. Love it, love it, love it. Your bear paw quilt is great. I like the scrappiness of it and the three different sizes of paws.

  • audrey says:

    What a great scrappy quilt! And congrats on getting it published! Right now I'd say my favorite scrappy block is a crumb block or a string set. But I can be changeable depending on my mood.:)

  • Karen says:

    Your idea for the Three Bears quilt and doing it very scrappy is such a good one. Congratulations. My favorite blocks to make would be a sawtooth star or a churn dash block. Simple but can be used so many ways.

  • Terry says:

    OMG I love scrappy any block would be great scrappy…but right now I am doing a scrappy O my gosh quilt it has nine patches and modified churn dashes I love the papa mama and baby bear quilt..I think it will be my next. thanks for the chance to win this Magazine. Have a great Day

  • Quiltdivajulie says:

    Really, really like the idea of Papa,Mama, and Baby bear paw sizes – congrats on having your quilt/pattern featured in the magazine! I love almost ALL blocks scrappified. Scrappy is what makes me the happiest – hands (or paws) down.

  • Flickenstichlerin says:

    Congratulations to this honor, how wonderful to see your quilt make it into a magazine.
    Love the bear paw design, have never made one myself. I love log-cabins and little stars for sraps and ofcourse HST's, guess I love all srappy looks. Thank you for the giveaway.

  • sophie says:

    I love scrappy blocks and have stratified just about every block that I have ever made … your quilt us delightful!

  • Darlene says:

    Bear paws are one of my favorite blocks What a great idea to vary the sizes. Darlene

  • margaret says:

    i've completed 2 triple Irish chains scrappy. one in 2.5" and one in 2". i just love them. i really like the different sizes showcased in one quilt as shown in yours.

  • Linda Smith says:

    Beautiful bear paws! I love all quilts scrappy, but I'm working on an Arkansas Traveler quilt, also known as Good Night Irene. Would love to have your pattern.

  • Julie Kaye from KS says:

    I love every thing scrappy. But my favorite scrappy block is the star. Love your quilt. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • gayle says:

    I love your Bear Paws! Scrappy perfection!
    I love all scrappy quilts. Currently I'm making stacks and stacks of 5" Monkey Wrenches in every fabric I own.

  • Linda says:

    I just love using scraps in any quilt. Recently made a Wonky Stars quilt using Bonnie Hunter's free pattern. It's gorgeous! Congratulations on getting your Bear Paws quilt into a magazine. Looks super.

  • Ann says:

    I'll make whatever star block has caught my eye most recently out of the nearest pile of scraps!

    The bear paws quilt is amazing.

  • MoeWest says:

    Congratulations on having this quilt published! It's a great quilt! I like to make scrappy log cabin blocks.

  • Shasta Matova says:

    This turned out to be so beautiful Congratulations on being published! My favorite block – I'm not sure, but if you just looked at my finished quilts, rail fence would be the hands-down winner. In fact, I'm making more rail fence quilts now.

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