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Bing Zing and Quick Quilting Templets

What have I been up to while I have been showing you all my friends lovely work? I have been working on this displaly for a local shop. It is my Strawberry Zing pattern done in Moda’s Berry Delight. I quilted Cherries in the outside border. I learned this quick and easy trick to make quilting templets a few years ago. You just need some contact paper or shelf liner. I use white but you can use anything as long as it shows up well on your quilt. Draw your template on the contact paper. If you feel your not that good of an artist use a simple picture from a coloring book. Cut it out.Peel off the back and place it on your quilt where you want it quilted. Quilt around your shape. Then you can peel it off and move it to another spot. One templet can used be at least a dozen times.It was hard to see my quilting on the the green so I did one on muslin. Its a quick and easy way to do a uniform shape throughout your quilt.


  • Michaela says:

    It looks beautiful. I am in the process of slowly learning how to do free motion quilting. So cherries are a bit advanced for me… maybe I should try circles. 🙂 Your’s look so nice, like you would just draw them with pencil.

  • Unknown says:

    That is the coolest trick ever! Thank you so much for sharing this.

  • Sara says:

    That quilt is beautiful, and to quilt cherries! Wow, pretty talented! Thanks for sharing your trick!

  • Thistledew Farm says:

    Wow you make it look so easy! I love the cherries – what a whimsical touch! You are soooo creative.

  • *karendianne. says:

    It’s nice to see Strawberry Zing. I love that quilt. And what a clever way to do a quilting pattern. Indeed. Quite clever. Of course I’m not surprised.

  • A Spoonful Of Sugar says:

    Love teh contact paper idea! Your quilt is gorgeous.

  • Nanette Merrill says:

    Holy Cow that is so cute. What a wonderful idea. Fabulous! I’m going to do that. Sometime anyway. Love the rick rack.

  • Needled Mom says:

    What a terrific idea to cut templates out of contact paper. Love it!

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the tip Em, I am such a newb at quilting. I know there is such a thing as a walking foot, but I wouldn’t recognise it if it bit me! LOL I’ll learn though.

    What a lovely quilt you made. The cherries are perfect for it.

  • loulee says:

    What a great quilt. I like your quilting tip too, I’ve used the same method, though only for much simpler shapes.

  • QuiltedSimple says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing the trick – I’ll have to try this for sure.

  • Librarynan says:

    Your tips are always valuable, Em… thanks for another!

  • StitchinByTheLake says:

    Thanks for this trick Em – I need to quilt several tops that I’ve been putting back and this will help me. blessings, marlene

  • Teresa says:

    That’s a great idea! I am going to have to get some contact paper and try it out!

  • TaraB says:

    Would you be willing to show me how to quilt my own tops? I have a HUGE fear of doing this, and I don’t know why….

    You have great work!

  • StitchinByTheLake says:

    I have just begun to do my own machine quilting recently and I was thrilled to get this tip. I'm working on a baby quilt now so I'm going to use it on my borders! blessings, marlene

  • Tehachap says:

    Thanks for this. It makes free form quilting look much easier!!!

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