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Bins of Pretties and Baskets of Quilty Goodness

  Not that I need a reason to start a new project, but getting to teach classes and having pretty fabrics seemed as good a reason as any.  So I started another spiderweb quilt.  I’m using a Lily Ashbury print for the stars.

Then pulling from the colors in the print I went through my stash and grabbed anything that remotely had those colors.  I also went through my Bella Solids by Moda and did the same thing.  Can you see them peeking through there in the lower right corner?

I’m taking this bin of pretties and these laundry basket full of quilty goodness to share with some lovely ladies at their private retreat.  I’m looking forward to making new friends and a little progress on my new project.

I’d love to come to your event too.  Contact me if your looking for a teacher or trunk show.  We’ll have lots of fun and create beautiful quilts together.  What could be better?


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