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Between being Mom’s Taxi service and DD’s quilt on the design wall I’m not getting anything big done.  But I have got some bee blocks done for this month.  First up are Jodie’s for Twist on Tradition Bee.

 These were quick, easy and fun.  She is going to have a beautiful quilt.

 Next up are these for Kathy from Twice As Nice Bee.  She sent beautiful Joel Dewberry fabric and let us make whatever 12″ block we would like.  This one happened as an experiment.  I had leftover 3 1/2″ strips from the Dutchmen’s puzzle I also made so I started playing with them.  Adding from more of the beautiful fabric and this is what happened. 

 And finally the Dutchmen’s Puzzle.  It is one of my favorite blocks so I just had to make it. 

Now hopefully some day soon DD will finish the last 7 rows of her quilt and I will get my design wall back.  So I can start putting some of my bee blocks together.


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