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Blogger’s Quilt Festival~Scrappy

If you are here from Amy’s Creative Side, welcome.  I hope you have a look around and enjoy your stay.  I have entered the Blogger’s Quilt Festival under scrappy quilts, they are my favorite kind after all.  My favorite scrappy quilt at the moment is my Mary’s Garden.  

Making all the made fabric for the tulips was a walk down memory lane.  Remembering where each scrap came from and knowing it has found a home makes me smile.  Though sometimes it is bittersweet to use up the last of a favorite fabric.  The daisies were from my orphan bin.  I didn’t quite have enough

 so while traveling with my youngest son, Neil I made the rest.  I made scrappy setting triangles

that I quilted feathers in.

 I also quilted around the daisies

 and tulips with lots of random squiggles and bond it all with a lovely green.

My friend Suzy thinks I should save it for a wedding quilt for Neil.  That’s a nice idea but for now it resides at the foot of my bed and I must say I love it there.


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