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Blues Solution

While searching my scrappy quilting books this quilt caught my attention.  I had to change it a little because instead of being made block by block it is done row by row.  My design wall is busy with other things at the moment. I also wanted a project I could take to an upcoming retreat. 

 My solution was to take the brown squares out and instead create a whole blocks.  I started by using two strips, one blue and one a warm tone cut 3 1/2″ wide the width of the fabric.  If I had fat quarter size I just cut two strips. I was dealing with scraps after all. For those that don’t have a whole 45″ to work with I’ll use along the edge.

 Using my half square ruler (how to here) I cut 6- 3 1/2″ squares and 6- half squares.

 I cut enough for the quilt.

Then I started sewing them into blocks by laying out the squares and then sewing them row by row on the diagonal.

Now I can work on this as time allows and not worry about messing up the arrangement of the row by row method.

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