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Book Lover’s Day

Welcome to Book Lover’s Day.  I was thrilled when Sarah asked if I wanted to be a part of this fun day.  Next to quilting I love to read, and perusing quilt books is a favorite past time.

When I first started quilting.  I took a class through my church were we would learn to make a different type of block each month.  I took the class as more of a break from three busy boys and a way to get some adult time than because I was interested in quilting.  But after the going to the fabric shop with a friend to pick out fabric and taking the first class I was hooked.  For Christmas that year my wonderful hubby got me this book.  It is full of eye candy, instruction and helpful tips.  Perfect for the beginning quilter.

I still like to leaf through it for inspiration.  I’ve added many more titles to my quilting book library.  My favorites at the moment are; Freddy & Gwen Collaborate Again, 15 Minutes Play, and Material Obsession.

Each is full of colorful inspiration that get my creative juices flowing.  

What’s your favorite quilt book at the moment?  Would you love to win another great quilt book?  Hop on over toModa fabric blog for a chance to win, and a list of other participating in Book Lover’s Day and favorite quilt books .


  • suemac says:

    I love to buy quilting books for inspiration. So much fun to look at all the beautiful pictures and gather ideas.

  • JoyceLM says:

    I love quilting but reading is my favorite hobby, so I've amassed a huge collection of books. Jimmy Beyer's The Quilters Album of Patchwork Pattern is a favorite.

  • Lee Ann L. says:

    thanks for sharing!

  • Becky says:

    My favorite quilt book at this moment is the novel Between Heaven and Texas by Marie Bostwick:) Thanks for sharing your favorites!

  • Anonymous says:

    So interesting to see how much variety there is in the quilt books! Thanks for sharing yours. I don't know that I have a go-to book after all this time, but I started with the only ones available in the 1960s!

  • momto1 says:

    I'm loving this blog hop! What fun it is to see everyone's favorites. I do have to say that one of my favorites is Jinny Beyers's Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns. My imagination can really go wild with that one. It's definitely desert island material. Thanks for sharing your faves!

  • Gemini Jen NZ says:

    Oh what a well-trained hubby! I am still trying to teach mine that any gift from the quilt shop will help him receive high marks!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Lori Huffman says:

    Love the ultimate quilting book. Love your scrappy quilt projects too.

  • Unknown says:

    My favorite books at the moment are Pam and Nicky Lintott's books using pre-cuts, which was something new for me and a lot of fun.

  • Suze says:

    I have the Ultimate Quilting Book. I picked it up on a clearance table before quilting was popular. I can spend hours looking at most quilt books. Thanks for sharing your inspirations.

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