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Bountiful Harvest

A few weeks ago I had the lovely opportunity to teach my Harvest Sky quilt to the talented Roy Quilters.  It was a delightful day.  I made new friends and got to see a few friends I hadn’t seen in years.  Well they invited me to their meeting last week so I could see their beautiful quilts that came about as a result of the class.  So without further a do here’s a little eye candy.

First up is Sue’s rendition in Halloween fabrics.  If you look close you will see fussy cut witches, skeletons, and other spooky creatures.

 Next up is Yvonne’s in beautiful fall colors.

Then Ann Marie’s scrap happy one.  I just love all the fun fabrics in this one. 

This next one is from my dear friend Pat. I hadn’t seen her in quite some time.  It was so good to see her again.  I will always remember the beautiful quilted bibs I received in the mail the morning my DD was born over 11 year ago.  With all the complications that came with that pregnancy she will never know the comfort a joy that small gift meant to me. 

It was a pleasure to meet this next quilter.  She is so talented.  Don’t you just love all the beautiful reds, greens and golds she used in her quilt.

I met Denise when my children were small at a school function.  She was working on a quilting project.  We started talking and I invited her to my local quilt guild and we’ve been friend ever since.  Isn’t her quilt just lovely.

The next three quilts are from some special ladies that took me under their wing when I first started quilting and helped me get to where I am today.  First Lorretta isn’t her jewel tone quilt stunning.

Next LaRae this quilt came entirely from her stash.  Wow!  I want a stash like hers.

And last but definitely not least.  Jean, the only one who didn’t hide behind her quilt. 

Didn’t they all do a lovely job?  I sure think so.  Thanks ladies for inviting me to teach.  And then having me back to see your lovely work.


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