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Boy meets Girl

With all my running this week I didn’t think I would have anything for sew and tell. And while this is not a complete finish. I did finish 3 quilts with the 4th graders on Tuesday and Wednesday. You can read about that in the previous post.

I have been working to get ready for Panguitch. I couldn’t decide if I should make the sample for my class a boy quilt of a girl quilt. I’ve made both. While I was out showing my quilt to local shops someone thought it would make a fun grandma quilt if I combined the two. So that is what I did. I made a bunch of boys.

Then I made a bunch of girls.

And I put them all together in with 30’s prints. Seemed fitting for a grandma quilt. Now I just need to find a boarder. I’m hoping JoAnn’s will have something that will work. I couldn’t find anything in my stash or my sweet neighbor across the street that also quilts. (Found that out on the first day I moved in when she brought dinner over for my family and she had quilting pins stuck in her shirt. I asked her if she quilts and she asked how did you know that. I pointed out the quilting pins and we were fast friends.) Anyway I’m without a car today and JoAnn’s is only 2 miles away so I’ll bike there and pray I can find something that will work. Wish me luck.

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