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Cathedral Windows in My Granny Squares

I was hoping to have this finished for Sarah’s Whoop Whoop, but didn’t quite make it.  I’ve been reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand for the last several months.  I don’t normally take that long to read a book.  But this is no quick read and that fact that it’s over 1,000 pages doesn’t help.  I was up on the number of times I could check it out at the library and had less than a 100 pages to go so I finished it up.  But that meant my granny square quilt did not get finished.   

I decided to quilt cathedral windows in the granny squares.  I had never done them before, had seen them on a few quilts and thought they would look nice here.  I got all the blocks done.

Now I’m doing the sashing and border.  I eyeballed the blocks but could not get it right in the border so I made a template using this method.  After finishing a book like Atlas Shrugged I felt I really had to give ‘the best that was in my.’ Now my curves are consistent and I’m pleased with the result. 

Hoping to finish up the quilting today and have it finished by next Friday so I can join Sarah in a Whoop Whoop celebration.


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