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Change of Plan

This quilted journal was suppose to be 

a heart shaped pot holder.  Problem was the graph paper that I thought was 4 squares to and inch turned out to be 4 squares to 3/4″.  So as I cut out and sewed together what I thought should have been 1″ squares my project grew to be too big for my hot pad template.  And although I could have still cut it out the design would not have fit the way I had intended.

DD came home from school about this time.  When I told her what I had done she said, “Be a problem solver” Something I tell her all the time.  So I took the wise advice she had received from her very wise mother (hee, hee) and turned my problem into a solution.

I now have a fun quilted journal cover to keep or give as a gift.

Linking up with Sarah to celebrate this problem solved finish.


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