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Christmas Draws Nearer

By September 5, 2008March 31st, 2020Blog

We met last night for our twelve rows of Christmas. We didn’t get a lot of sewing in. Laura and Angelyn’s hubby’s are in charge of the father and son’s campout tonight and needed to plan. I know they have put it off to the last minute. But I find many men do this and they still seem to pull things off. I don’t know how I plan for about a week when we have a camp out. Anyway Laura and Angelyn had to get back to there little ones so the planning could take place. Look at the lovely progress these ladies have made. This is Marilyn’s. She has the bottom rows done, they just aren’t sewn yet. She only has one row to go. Way to go Marilyn.Here is Laura’s. Hasn’t she done a lovely job. She also only has one row to go. This is truly amazing considering she has three darling little girls. Two of them preschoolers.

Look at Shari’s. She has all her rows done and just needs to add borders. Amazing isn’t she.

The walls at our Christmas party are going to be so lovely this year. For those of you who may not know these quilts will be the decoration.

Since it is father and son’s tonight me and my DD will have a special night of our own. We’ll go to dinner with friends, paint our fingernails and toes, watch chick flicks (no shoot em up high adventure movie here tonight) and read stories. Should be a very enjoyable evening.


  • Debbie says:

    These quilts are just fabulous….. is this a pattern or something you have designed yourself??

  • Donna says:

    I love the idea of a small quilt made of rows for Christmas… May have to “borrow” that idea and see where it takes me if you don’t mind 🙂

    if you’re looking for a great chick flick you might want to try Penelope — a very fun fairytale genre pic

  • Unknown says:

    I love those quilts! What pattern is it? Do tell!!!

  • jacquie says:

    12 rows of christmas…what a unique and fun idea…i would love to borrow this idea too.

  • Teresa says:

    And where is Em’s Christmas Row quilt? They are all so nice and look like fun to make.

  • Flutterby Angel says:

    Ilove the Chrismas quilts….did you ladies design them yourselves?
    Your Christmas party will be so festive – great work!
    Your Friday night sounds like heaven…..I had a similar evening with DH last night – only no chick flick! We just relaxed with a glass of wine and some nice easy music.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. It is father’s day in Australia!
    Take Care

  • Unknown says:

    all the quilts are looking fabulous love the pattern.

  • jovaliquilts says:

    In 2005 I took a class to learn applique, and this is the quilt we were making! I haven’t finished it yet, sigh, but maybe this will be the Christmas. It’s really cute!

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