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Christmas Gifts and Quilty Hugs

I just love the Christmas parties I have with my quilting friends. They are so fun and oh so generous. Here is just some of the gifts I received from them: pincushions, ornaments, mug rug, hand dyed fabric, buttons, and safety pins. The photo is missing all the goodies. I ate those. Naughty I know. Just adding to the fat quarters on my hips. Good thing January is near and the time for resolutions and being better. The way I’ve eaten this holiday season it can’t get here fast enough.

 This last week I also received a wonderful box full of Quilty Hugs from Kristi. I was thrilled! Just in time for Christmas! I usually wait until I have at least a dozen before I call Michelle to pick them up and distribute to cancer patients. With the five Kristi sent there was more than enough to reach that target. Michelle is picking them up this morning to put into bags and handout to those fighting that horrid battle. I hope they bring lots of healing and peace. I’m almost certain they will.

The winner from my Cover Girl giveaway is Sharon Denny Parcel, Congrats! I just know your going to love your fat quarters! So happy for you! Shot me your snail mail and I’ll get them off to you.

Linking up with Sarah, Myra and Amanda Jean to celebrate this Christmas miracle. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope all your Christmas wishes come true!


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