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I had a wonderful childhood.  I grew up in the time when mother’s were sure fresh air was good for you. When children were sent out to play and were not to come home until the next meal or the street lights came on. During my childhood years I lived in a growing neighborhood. Where new houses were being built and the construction works let us have their scrap. There was also a wooded area where we would take this scrap and we built clubhouses and forts. Nothing really structurally sound but we did have a wonderful time. 

 So when I saw the new line, The Treehouse Club, by Sweetwater for Moda. I knew I had to play with it. Some of those forts were in trees and as the line is Treehouse Club I knew I needed to put some ladders in my quilt. Next I added some club houses. After several arrangements I finally came up with the thought of adding words.

 Once I had it all put together I quilted hammers and nails, cause how else would you build your club house?

The pattern should be in shops soon (it is available through United Notions and will be on my website soon.) Linking up with Sarah and Amanda Jean.


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