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Colored Pencil Zipper Pouch

I wanted to do something for my DD as a thank you for all the wonderful pictures she took for me of my soap. She has a box of 50 Crayola colored pencils she uses for her interior design class. They kept falling out of the box and going all over in her back pack. She put them in a zip lock back to fix this problem. I just knew I could come up with a prettier solution. So I grabbed this leftover layer cake square and these Bella solids strips. 

I cut the strips into 2 1/2″ pieces and the layer cake into 2- 2″ strips and 2- 3″ strips

I started sewing my colorful strips together. But found I wanted them skinnier.

Rather than unpick I just trimmed off the seams.

Gathered a few more solids so I wouldn’t have any repeats per side.

 After sewing two colorful strips I added them to my layer cake pieces and made this cute little zipper pouch.

 Perfect for those pretty colored pencils.


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