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Crazy Lovin’ Blocks

Friday night I taught my Crazy Love class.  I had some fun lovin’ women in my class, who although shy made some very lovely blocks.  Carol Ann was my only student willing to pose with her beautiful blocks.  

Here are Nancy’s.  I love the colors she is using.

I made up a few kits from scraps I had on hand for anyone who wanted to use them.  Ruth made these little pretties using one of those kits

As did Clella.  I was so proud of Clella for sticking with the heart in a heart square.  It really is not an easy block to make but she was determined to figure it out and made two.  Most of the others were just happy to move on to other things.

Victoria was prolific.  She whipped though the hearts and really enjoyed making all the letters.

Winnie didn’t want the class to end.  She was having fun making lots of wonky hearts.  I love her little one with wings.

Thank you ladies for taking the class.  I really enjoyed having you.


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