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Creamy Dreamy

I’ve been a bit under the weather recently.  When I’ve felt up to it I’ve been doing a little mindless sewing.  Not that I really need to start a new project.  Heaven knows my clothes line is full of quilts needing to be quilted.  My Free For All quilt needs the blocks sewn together and Josh’s quiltneeds the last row added.  But I’m not feeling up to moving back and forth to gather and sew the rows together let alone wrestle a quilt to get it quilted.

I have however wanted to make a quilt using only my lights.  Like a quilt I saw in Sunday Morning Quilts and like Victoria has challenged over on 15 Minute Play.  So I dumped my lights in a laundry basket and began sewing.

Mindlessly sewing strips and bits together is healing for me.  After one day of sewing these bits together I started to feel better.  By the end of the weekend I was almost back to myself and I had almost created another quilt.  

Now I need to decide how big I want to make it.  I could stop after 3 more blocks and the quilt would be 50″x 50″.  That would be nice but a rectangle is more pleasing to the eye so I might have to add another row.  Heaven knows I have enough scraps to do it.


  • Angie says:

    Isn't that book just one of the best! I would love to have one of every quilt in there. I started a 'neutrals' rail fence quilt waaaay back when to use on the bed and be able to layer any other colors on top of it. Seeing your quilt on the wall makes me want to go dig it out and add some more to it. I love the colors that you have in your scrap basket and in your top.

  • StitchinByTheLake says:

    I'm so sorry you're not feeling well – I hate when I'm sick and can't do my "normal" stuff. This light quilt is going to be gorgeous! blessings, marlene

  • hetty says:

    Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. Those light blocks look like just the medicine needed for a quilter to feel better. I love those blocks! You are so inspiring for me. But I have to get a few things done before I start anything new.

  • Abby and Stephanie says:

    Soothing…I love mindless sewing and the colors are restful.

  • Needled Mom says:

    I wish I could be as productive when I felt well!!!! Great job on the low volume quilt.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • Browndirtcottage says:

    Yes, I have recently finished my light/white quilt, I need to get the finished photos finished. I enjoyed making mine with the beginnings of it from 9 leftover blocks from another project. At the time I didn't know there was a book or group sewing with white/lights….hey, what can I say, I don't get out much! HA!

    I really like how yours has turned out. Weren't you amazed how pleasing a top you could make out of just using your lights with just touches of other shades mixed in….HOORAY FOR SCRAPS!!!

    I'm like you, I prefer a more oblong/rectangle quilt. I think you could have a few more blocks made lickety split!!!

    I'm sorry you were ailing and are on the mend. You just can't keep a good quilter down!!

  • Michele says:

    Beautiful light scrap quilt! I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling bad. Hopefully you will continue to feel better 🙂

  • Nanette Merrill says:

    Oh I love this one!

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