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Creating A Forest

I got a little carried when I was making these 60* for this quilt. So I decided to make them into trees for this quilt. I thought I’d share today how I do that.

I cut the triangles from strips sewn together to measure 6″ using this 60* ruler.

 For the sides of the tree I line up the ruler on fabric that has been folded in half so that you have two layers that are facing different ways. Placing the ruler so that in lines up the the dotted line that is 1/4″ from the center line cut along the edge.

 Next take a regular ruler and measure a 1/2″ from your top point and cut along edge.

 Leaving a 1/4″ point at the bottom of your tree line up one edge of your background and sew in place.

 Press open and repeat process on the other side.

 Your block will look like this.

 I freestyle my tree trunk by sewing a piece of background to one side of my trunk.

 Next I add another piece of background on the other side.

 I sew this to the bottom of my tree.

 Then trim the extra edges.

 So my tree looks like this.

One tree down a good sized stack to go.


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