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Diamonds in the Snow

Last night just as the sun was setting I finished my Uncut Diamonds. Sadly the lack of light made picture taking undesirable. I got up this morning to fog. Finally just before noon the sun came out so my Diamonds could shine.

 I was 18″ short on my original choice for binding. No worries this is a scrap quilt so a scrappy binding is prefect. I chose two separate dotty black prints. I really like the way the black print frames the quilt and love that there is variety in that frame.

 I did go back and add a swirl of quilting in each of the diamonds. It gave me piece of mind knowing I didn’t have larger areas not quilted. Plus I like the way it looks on the back.

This was a very fun quilt to make. I’m so happy I found a good home for all those odd triangles.

 Remember there is a tutorial for this quilt here. Just in case you have a bunch of odd triangles lying around that need a good home.

Linking up with my friends; Sarah, Myra, Amanda Jean and Cynthiato celebrate this sparkling finish.


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