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Dilly Bags from the Scrapbag

Here are the gifts for my DD friends. We made them usingLurline’s tutorial. They are so easy and fun to make. We just used scraps from my brights scrap bin. We are hoping the lizard print one will be okay for a boy/girl gift that she needs for school. We are filling them with goodies, yummy, yummy Christmas treats. This weekend we had our family Christmas party. We were only missing two both of whom were feeling the stress of finals and the need to study. They were missed but the rest of us had a wonderful time. We enjoyed delicious soups. I really need to get my sister, Julie’s, recipe. Her creamy tomato and basil soup was to die for. We played bingo. And of course opened gifts. See what Julie gave me. Aren’t these just such happy and fun prints? Julie is so talented.

I hope you are finishing up your Christmas sewing and enjoying this wonderful time of year!


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