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This year my quilt guild is making doll quilts to go with dolls we purchased to give to a local women’s shelter. After finishing up a few projects at a recent retreat I took the scraps from thisquilt and made this little doll quilt.  The tiny four patches I used as corner posts were what was left over from the scrap strips I used to make the larger four patches.

This morning I quilted it and bond it so it would be ready for our meeting tomorrow.  DD doll tested it out for me and seems to like it.


  • Rebecca in AK says:

    Very cute doll quilt! I think that is a wonderful idea, giving the dolls and each having their own special quilt. I am sure the little girls that receive these special gifts will love them!!

  • Nedra says:

    Very sweet, Em. You are always so good about contributing your time and talents to very worthy charitable causes. Some little girl is going to love having a quilt for her doll.

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