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Next week is Quilt Fest for the Utah Quilt Guild.  I can’t wait to take my Featherweight class.  Being able to better take of my dear friend will be a blessing to both of us.  Though I must admit I’m a little nervous to be taking her apart and reassembling her.  But we will be in good hands.  I know the teacher is great!

In addition to my Featherweight class I will be teaching.  In prep for my Dresden class I’ve been doing a little play.  This first one I sewed 2″ strips together into sets of four.  Then cut my blades.  Next time I will make more sets so I get a more scrappy feel.

 When I made this quilt I intended to layer the Dresdens like the one below.  But the smaller blades got lost so I altered my plan.  I’ve wanted to do a layered Dresden since so this was the perfect opportunity.  I would have liked to make the blue Dresden a little bigger but I didn’t have enough fabric.  She is still even if she is a little small.

 Finally I made a Dresden with curved blades like this quilt.

I hope all these options will inspire my students to try different combinations.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with.  If you would like a few tips on making Dresdens you can check out my tutorials here and here.


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