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Dying to Live

By September 25, 2008March 31st, 2020Blog

WEE!!! What fun I had at the fabric dying class. This is my first attempt. I may do some more to this one. This one is more of a brown and rust with just a hint of purple. Sorry for the poor picture it was night when I took it. I forgot my camera in my rush to get everyone to school or a friends house before school started. Such a bummer. And by the time I got home got dinner and helped with homework the sun had said ‘Good night.’ This one I tried stamping shooting stars. I didn’t like how it was turning out as I add the night sky so I just messed around with it. This one I but in a ziplock bag with blue, green and purple dye. This one reminds me of the landscape down by my mom. She lives in Southern Utah. I’ll take more pics tomorrow when it’s light. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze it in. I’m going back up to Quilt Fest tomorrow. No classes but I am going to the lecture and luncheon and helping with the orphan blocks. I have to go early again or I don’t get to go. It is my turn to drive jr. high carpool which my oldest son has thankfully volenteered to do for me. Shocking a 17 year old says yes to driving the car. (hee, hee) But that means I have to leave him the car. So my dear friend Marilyn is giving me a ride and she has a class in the morning. I am putting the camera with my sewing stuff tonight so I don’t forget it tomorrow in the rush, rush.


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