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January is the perfect time to evaluate how we are doing.  A time to see how far we have come and decide what we want to work on in the future.  In looking back it was a good year for quilts.  Here is a collection of many of my 2011 finishes.

I didn’t finish everything on the list I create each year to help me keep track of my WIPs.  I didn’t think I would.  But I finished quite a few and even completed a few that were not on the list.

Now looking to the future a new list has been created. 

Our family has set a few goals. We will be going to our local rec center every night.  My hubby and I are hoping this will accomplish two things; family unity and slimmer waist lines.  Not that our children need this.  They are skinny as rails but he and I could improve here. What goals have you set for the new year?  Whatever they are I wish you the best with them.


  • Michele says:

    You are really organized and it looks like you accomplished tons last year 🙂 Congratulations! This year I hope to get more quilting done…..I have lots of tops, but not many quilts! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Mary says:

    Love all your finishes and can't wait to see the makes of the New Year! I think my goal should really be to spend less on fabric…which would mean less fabric. Hmmmm….I will have to think about that one.

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