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We’ve had a bit of an exciting week.  Some good excitement and some I could do without.  Monday I was sewing in my sewing room and I hear a large crash and then screams of pain.  I ran upstairs to find Anna sprawled out on the floor with ice cream melting all over the floor.  She had fallen backwards off the counter.  Not quite sure how that happened.  She has a slight concussion but is doing well.

Tuesday I was driving carpool and stopped abruptly for construction.  The car behind me also stopped.  As I turned to ask the girls in the car if I had scared them a third car hit the car behind me and rammed it into my car.   Fortunately no one was hurt.  Though they may total all three cars.  

Wednesday I was turning the kitchen faucet and it totally broke and fell into the sink.  Of course this all happened while my dear hubby was out of town.  Luckily he returned that night and started to fix all this chaos.  Love that dear man and I’m so glad he is home.

Enough of the excitement I can live without and on the the excitement that makes me do a happy dance.  I have always loved Mary Lou Weidman’s work.    Her work has been some of the inspiration for this quilt 

And this quilt.  So imagine my thrill when I found out she would be teaching at the next Utah Quilt Guild’s Quilt Fest.  Can’t wait to take a class from this talented and inspiring lady.

The brochure came up this week and I’ve loved pursuing it.  There are some really great classes.  I’m happy to announce that I will be teaching there also.  I will be offering Mad Dash.

 and Stellar Stars.

Isn’t that exciting.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and get to sit next to Mary Lou at the meet the teachers night like I did last year next to Kim Diehl.  Now that was pretty exciting.  To find all the wonderful classes offered you can go here.  Hope you come join the excitement.


  • Vic in NH says:

    Oh, my dear Em, I'm so glad that you and the girls were all unhurt! I can totally relate to too much of the bad excitement, so I hope things calm down. Your quilts are wonderful, as always!

  • Flickenstichlerin says:

    Dear Em,
    there is something about excitement, it you have it, you're life will not be boaring. I am so glad nobody got hurt and you have something great to look forward to. I don't know what is more exciting, beeing a teacher or sitting next to one. I think both experiences must be one the same level of excitement. Congratulations and best wishes,

  • Rebecca in AK says:

    I am so glad no one was hurt in the car accident! And poor Anna! I hope she is feeling better. That is definitely enough excitement for awhile! Beautiful quilts! Lucky ladies taking your class.

  • Cathy says:

    So sorry to hear about all your woes. So glad you get to meet Mary Lou and teach a class. Wish I lived closer…I would love to take a class with you. Hugs

  • Nedra says:

    oh my. What a day! So glad no one was hurt in the car accident. Good for you for being able to look for the bright side. How fun to have Mary Lou! I love her Cow quilt inspirations.

  • Purple Pam says:

    When Attending Quilt Camp in the Pines in Flagstaff, Arizona, a few years ago, I was able to get a two day class with Mary Lou Weidman. It was a blast. I learned a lot, mostly about letting go of traditional patterns and making my own designs/blocks from cutting and sewing pieces of odd (non-traditional) shapes of fabric. Lots of fun! If I remember correctly, it was Mary Lou's Hoochy Momma period!

  • Sarah says:

    What a horrible week. They sad bad things happen in threes, and yours seemed to. Hope your daughter is ok now. What was she doing on the counter?? My kids seem to hurt themselves when they're doing something slightly silly they've been warned about.

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