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Fabric From Scraps

I was so excited when I discovered Victoria’s quilts using made fabric.  Her method is here.  I make mine a little different.  Kind of a puzzle piece method.  Today I thought I’d share it.

 Start with a bin of bits.  Find two that are the about the same size on at least on side and sew together.

 I feed several of these through my machine chain style.

 Then if these little sets of two are about the same size I sew them together.

 I continue to add sets and strips together trimming off extra ends.  Kind of the equivalent of making the puzzle piece fit.

Keep finding and adding similar sized piece to sew together.

 Remembering if it’s off a little you can just trim to make it fit.

 When I get a good sized piece.

I cut it up just like fabric and make quilts like 

my double wedding ring

  Mary’s Garden

15 minutes play


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