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Fabulous Fall Weekend

One of my favorite things about quilt retreats is making new friends.  I’ve said it before but I think quilters are some of the most wonderful people.  They are creative, helpful, and generous.  I once heard Jenny Doan say the reason quilters are so great is because it is the one hobby you start for yourself and quickly turns into giving to everyone else.  I think she is right.  

 The ladies at the retreat I taught this weekend were no exception.  They treated me like one of their own.  I enjoyed great food in a gorgeous setting with wonderful new friends.

 One of my favorite parts was going through all their scraps helping them make these beautiful spiderweb blocks.  Something about rummaging through scraps excites me.  And these ladies had some really great scraps.

Not only did I enjoy making new friends and playing with scraps; let me tell you the scenery was breathtaking.  I had to stop several times on my way up and back to take pictures.   


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