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Fabulous Festive Day

Yesterday was a fabulously festive day.  The Layton Quilters had their Christmas party and we celebrated the fact that we have been a guild for 20 years.  We had past presidents come and be honored.  There was a pillow exchange.   I received this cute little snowman pillow from my dear friend, Jean, one of your founding members.


  Gifts were exchanged.  I love this stitchery I received from Michelle.  Though it has quite a stir at my home.  DD asked me why it said sexy.  Her friend thought the same thing.  As did my hubby.  I guess I’m just a sexy sewer.  hee hee.

I also received this clever gift; a recipe holder made out of a spool.

And this gorgeous fabric.

It was a wonderful party.  I ‘sew’ enjoy my quilting buddies.

Then later that night I was invited to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert.  It was amazing.  The music, stories, and dancing made for an unforgettable performance.  There was an organ solo that I absolutely loved.  Watching the organists feet dance on the pedals on the big screen was delightful.  If you get the chance to go I would so recommend you do.  If you can’t make a note to yourself to watch it next year on PBS you won’t be disappointed.

I hope all your holiday festivities are going well.

Merry Christmas!



  • Keep Stitchin' says:

    What fun! I thought the comments about the embroidery were pretty funny! Now it will really make you smile every time you look at it! A lot of fun gifts! Thanks for sharing! Trudy

  • Abby and Stephanie says:

    I used to love the holiday concert at the church we attended in CA, complete with bell choir. Music in a church during the holidays is so peaceful. Your gifts are very nice.

  • Needled Mom says:

    It sounds like it was a wonderful party! I must admit that I initially thought the same thing when I read the stitchery. Of course you are!!!!!

  • Allie says:

    Wow 20 years! How fun! Love the little gifts!

  • Lurline says:

    Parties are lovely at this time of year – so glad you enjoyed – thanks for showing!
    Hugs – Lurlineā™„

  • Gayle says:

    HI Emily – I was invited to the Guild party (for some reason), but when I showed up I found out the date was printed wrong on the invite – and I couldn't go back on the right day. I was sorry to have missed it cuz it looks like you had fun.

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