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Fat Quarter Happy Dance

I did it. I have broken through the plateau. Yippee!!! Finally!!!! The lucky winner is Shari. Congrats to you Shari. If you will send me your snail mail and which fat quarter you would like I’ll get it off to you. Thanks for all your support. Once again if you leave encouragement. I still have 9 fat quarters to go.

I have more good news. The idiopathic terminator of platelets (my brother in laws name for my ITP) seems to be done with it’s carnage. My count almost doubled in the last two weeks. My counts are so close to normal the Dr is letting me wait a whole month before I have to go back. I could have done the happy dance all the way home. I had a smile on my face all day Friday! Just letting you know my good news. Hope you all have a great day! Em


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