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Feelin’ Scrappy

I finished quilting my scrap baskets. I’ll post a picture when I get the binding on. I was a little behind on the Friday Block Party blocks so I pulled out my bright scraps and went to work. Here is my Union Square. I think I should have made the outside star points a brighter or darker so they stand out better. Oh well live and learn. I still like this scrappy block.

This weeks block was very simple. Just a variation on a pinwheel. I changed how I pieced it because I didn’t have enough of the pink dot to do it the way the instructions read. The price you pay when you commit to going scrappy. Small price I feel. I just love scrappy quilts.

I recently bought a pineapple ruler. Here is my first attempt at a block. I have always wanted to make a pineapple quilt. One block down, many more to go.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend full of scraps of joy.



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