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Have you ever noticed how the holidays lead into each other. Thanksgiving allows us the chance to see all that we have been blessed with. A time to reflect on all that is good in our lives. The comforts we enjoy and the people that make our lives wonderful. It is a wonderful precusior to Christmas.

By Mccuisti

Where after we have had a chance to see all that we have we are given a change to give back. To share of our recources, time and talents with those we love and those that are less fortunate.

By Marymademe

Then the new year rolls around and we look for ways to improve ourselves. To try something new,

By Poppyprint

to pick up the pieces in our lives that are not quite what we want them to be and make a plan.

By Peoniagialla

To gather help and inspiration from others so we can make our little corner of the world a better place. By Treewhimsy

Thanks to all of you that inspire me and help me want to be a better person.

Here’s to wonderful New Year!


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