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I am so thankful to live in a place that has seasons. It would be hard for me to pick a favorite. There is so much I love about each one. And just when I start to get tired of the one I’m in the weather changes and I have a new season to enjoy. by BenteMalm~quiltdesigns So as we say goodbye to fall and head into winter I thought I would share a few flickr favorites of fall trees. Playing in the leaves is a great fall past time. Hearing them crunch beneath your feet. Building big piles to jump and play in. Throwing them up and letting them rain down on you are all great fall pastimes. by Comfortstitching

Watching the leaves blow in the wind. Seeing them fall from the trees in swirling patterns. The last desperate ones clinging to the tree giving it their best fight before letting go.

by Vickivictoria’s

All the fall beauty. Vivid leaves in red, orange and gold are a wonder to behold. Watching the mountains behind my home come to life, or a drive through the Columbia River Gorge can truly take your breathe away. I hear New England is stunning at this time of year. Someday I will go and revile in it’s glory.

by Bearpawandbearpaw’s The drop in the temperatures and cool nights after summer’s heat. Getting to pull out the quilts and snuggle up in them. Gathering with friend and family to celebrate the bounty we enjoy. And more time to be indoors to make more snugly quilts.


What do you find good about fall?


  • Abby and Stephanie says:

    I heart trees and four seasons. Fall is my very favorite season–glorious colors of changing leaves, crisp air, crunching and swirling leaves. Bye Fall, Hello Winter.

  • Cheri says:

    The girl is the swing is my favorite but they are all so wonderful.

  • StitchinByTheLake says:

    Fall is my favorite season – I love the clarity of the air as the humidity lessens. It seems to make everything brighter and the colors more vivid. Even the blue of the sky is deeper. I love the warm days and crisp nights, sleeping with the window open. I love walking in my yard down to the lake and seeing the stillness of the water – not many boaters out at this time of year to cause ripples or waves. It almost seems as if God's hand is stilling everything and He's whispering….shhhh. blessings, marlene

  • Needled Mom says:

    What wonderful quilts!!!! I always love the autumn colors and what says that better than leaves in the fall?

  • Karen says:

    The first tree really catches my eye. Beautiful work on that one.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love fall colors here, in KY. I wish I had taken photos of it to post on my blog, before the leaves all fell. Hopefully next year I not procrastinate too long.

    ~ Meagan

  • Lynn says:

    Thanks for sharing these, all so beautiful and so different! The leaves, It has been the most gorgeous fall here I read that in my area the wet spring, combined with a hot dry summer led to a spectacular leaf show this year.

  • Unknown says:

    Great collection! I love all of these too!

  • Sarah Craig says:

    What do I like best about fall? Well, probably the fact that my hair lies flat and straight with the reduction in humidity! Good hair days!!!

  • Myra says:

    Beautiful tree quilts Em! Awesome!!

    What I like about Fall is the drop in temp, falling leaves, and the smells of Fall…. 😎

  • Nanette Merrill says:

    so incredibly inspiring, I love fall, I used to love to collect the horse chestnuts falling from the trees among leaves when I was young

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