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 While I was away last weekend I also finished making all the trees I showed how to make here. I could barely wait to get home so I could put them together. If I thought I could have done it at the retreat I would have. But you saw in the last post how I turn my courthouse step blocks, and that was only nine large blocks. So I knew there was no way I could manage getting all these in the right place.

Besides I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to arrange everything. With my Plan B quilts, what I call my quilts made from orphans, test blocks and scraps. You can read my Plan B quilt philosophy here.  Sometimes I group like size blocks, sometimes I combine rows and groupings.  This time I went with all rows. Simply adding strips to the top and bottom of blocks to make them the same height.

Houses made from leftover disappearing nine patches from Mountain Blossoms and setting triangles from Mary’s Garden

Pulling out my orphan block bin and throwing them up on the wall is so liberating. I like to let them sit up there while I work on other projects and move them around as I walk by. Letting them talk to me until we both agree on their arrangement.

16 patch houses from leftover strips from Citrus Spin Large rooftop from Ziggy Granny

 Kind of like a giant jigsaw puzzle only better, cause if something doesn’t fit you just add a scrappy strip.

Trees from Seven Sisters  Trunks from Moving Boxes

And your get to decide what the final picture will be. No box cover to dictate your result. Linking up with Sarah, Amanda Jean, and Cynthia


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