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Fortunately Dreams Did Not Come True

I woke up Saturday after a nightmare.  I dreamed that I left to teach my class in plenty of time but when I arrived I was a half hour late.  To make matters worse I had lost my voice.  When I recovered and began to teach my class it was the wrong class.  So I felt a little disconcerted as I left for my class.  

Fortunately none of my dream came true.  Listening to the hum of all those sewing machines calmed me.

I enjoyed teaching this wonderful group of ladies.  There were co workers, a mother and daughter, a group of four sisters, an awesome teacher’s assistant (who passed out handouts and found us an extra iron.  Thank you Mitzi), and a myriad of other eager to learn quilters. 

That many people in a class room makes for tight quarters and there was quite a bit of bum bumping as we moved around cutting and pressing.

Fortunately quilters make friends quickly. 

I’m ever so thankful for my new quilting friends,

and ever so proud of all the lovely blocks they made.


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