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Free For All Finish

By January 25, 2013March 31st, 2020Blog

Yesterday after skating on roads of ice in my Suburban to take Jr. High carpool to school.  A trip that usually only takes 10 minutes or less, took more than 30.  I decided staying home was my best bet.  

I had finished quilting my bright and black Free Four All quilt the day before.  I quilted spirals in the large squares to mimic the spiral of the black chain.  Then straight stitched through the smaller squares.

I found a fun stripe for the binding.  It was a little short but fortunately I found a piece of it in a scrap bin that made up the difference.

So happy to have this cheerful quilt finished.  Going to link up with Sarah and give a WHOOP WHOOP!  Then hope the weather improves.  I really need to get to the grocery store.  Oh, I almost forgot, the free pattern for this can be found on my tute page, just in case you’re wanting to make one too.


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